Eclipse – Ableton Live 12 Template

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  •  Midi Channels: 9
  •  Presets for Spire, Dune & Hive in Zip-arсhive
  •  ———————-
  •  Required plugins:
  •  ———————-
  •  Dune v.3.01
  •  Spire v.1.1
  •  ValhallaRoom v.2.0.0
  •  u-he Hive v2.1.0
  •  Minimal Audio Swarm Reverb v.1.0
  •  U-he Colour Copy v.1.0
  •  ———————————
  •  Wav/MP3 & Project File
  •  105 bpm
  •  Length: 4:22
  •  +MIDI files
  •  +STEMS – File size Zip Archive – 240 Mb
  •  A Stem is an already prepared WAV file, saved in stereo and with processing.

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Eclipse – Ableton Live 12 Template, Space Ambient, Relax, Meditation

Music for Meditation and Relaxation. A warm and relaxing composition.

Ableton Live Project Template, Eclipse track with nice and warm sound. It can be ideally used in your projects. Space pad.

Plugins: Dune v.3.01, ValhallaRoom v.2.0.0, Spire v.1.1, u-he Hive v2.1.0, Minimal Audio Swarm Reverb v.1.0, U-he Colour Copy v.1.0. Preview in mp3 192 kbps! You will have fun. Regards Andrew.

By purchasing this product you will receive:

  • Project File Ableton Live with all samples that are used in it
  • STEMS (wav files of all tracks)
  • Presets for Spire, Dune & Hive in Zip-arсhive
  • MIDI files
  • Wav and MP3 files


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