Cosmic Mod – Ableton Live 12 Template

12.00 USD

  •  Midi Channels: 10
  •  Audio Channels: 2
  •  Presets for Hive in Zip-arсhive
  •  ———————-
  •  Required plugins:
  •  ———————-
  •  u-he Hive v2.1.0
  •  Omnisphere v.2.3
  •  Minimal Audio Swarm Reverb v1.0
  •  ValhallaRoom v.2.0.0
  •  ValhallaPlate v.1.6.3
  •  ValhallaSupermassive v.3.0
  •  ———————————
  •  Wav/MP3 & Project File
  •  107 bpm
  •  Length: 4:18

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Cosmic Mod – Ableton Live 12 Template, Space Ambient, Relax

Music for Meditation and Relaxation, Spring Vibes. A warm and relaxing composition.

Ableton Live Project Template, Cosmic Mod track with nice and warm sound. It can be perfectly used in cinematic projects. Space pad.

Plugins: u-he Hive v2.1.0, ValhallaRoom v.2.0.0, Minimal Audio Swarm Reverb v1.0, ValhallaPlate v.1.6.3, ValhallaSupermassive v.3.0, Omnisphere v.2.3. Preview in mp3 128 kbps! You will have fun. Regards Andrew.

By purchasing this product you will receive:

  • Project File Ableton Live with all samples that are used in it
  • Presets for Hive in Zip-arсhive
  • Wav and MP3 files


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