Improvisation Of Ambient Music Ableton Live 9 Templates

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  •  Arp 2600 V3(Arturia.V.Collection.6.v6.0.2)
  •  Mini V3
  •  Omnisphere 2
  •  90-160 bpm
  •  Lenght 13:12
  •  Cannot be used on YouTube!

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Improvisation Of Ambient Music Ableton Live Projects Template. This three new work in styles ambient, drone, soundscape, collected in one pack. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the space pads. It can be perfectly used in cinematic projects.

1. Andrew kn – Dune
2. Andrew kn – M87
3. Andrew kn – Wandering

Cannot be used on YouTube!

Plugins: Arp 2600 V3(Arturia.V.Collection.6.v6.0.2), Mini V3, Omnisphere 2. Preview in mp3 128kbps! You will have fun. Regards Andrew.

By purchasing this product you will receive:

  • Project File with all samples that are used in it
  • Wav and MP3 files
  • Info file in which there is a bit information about project



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