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The 5 Best Free and 5 Paid VST Reverbs for Creating Ambient Music

Unlock the Magic of Ambient Music with the 5 Best Free and 5 Paid VST Reverbs

Ambient music is a genre that thrives on the ethereal, atmospheric qualities created by reverberation. VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins provide a versatile and accessible way to add realistic and captivating reverb effects to your productions. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this article will introduce you to the five best free and paid VST reverbs for creating stunning ambient soundscapes.

Free VST Reverbs

  1. Valhalla SuperMassive: This freeware plugin offers an extensive range of reverb algorithms, including shimmer, plate, and room simulations. It’s renowned for its lush, natural sound and versatile controls. DOWNLOAD
  2. EpicVerb: A high-quality freeware reverb with a user-friendly interface and flexible parameters. It excels at creating long, atmospheric reverbs perfect for ambient compositions. DOWNLOAD
  3. Tal-Reverb-4: Inspired by the classic Lexicon 480L hardware reverb, this freeware plugin delivers a warm, vintage-sounding reverb with adjustable decay and modulation. DOWNLOAD
  4. Raum: A minimalistic reverb that creates immersive and atmospheric soundscapes. DOWNLOAD
  5. Dragonfly Reverb: Dragonfly Reverb is a perfect choice for both audio professionals and beginners looking to add some depth and space to their tracks. DOWNLOAD

Paid VST Reverbs

  1. FabFilter Pro-R 2: A professional-grade reverb plugin known for its exceptional sound quality and intuitive controls. It offers a wide range of reverb types, from classic room emulations to unique and innovative algorithms. DOWNLOAD
  2. Crystalline: Crystalline is a new, state-of-the-art, reverb plugin with a pristine and modern sound. Gives you unprecedented creative control to shape your reflections.Lets you sync reverb start and decay times to your song’s tempo. An evolution of classic 20th century studio reverbs – fully upgraded for today.. It allows for highly detailed and immersive reverberation effects with a unique sense of space. DOWNLOAD
  3. Eventide Blackhole: A legendary reverb that offers a wide range of unique and creative sound effects, from subtle ambience to extreme reverberation. DOWNLOAD
  4. Lexicon PCM Native Reverb: A high-quality reverb with a wide range of presets and a versatile parameter set for detailed customization. DOWNLOAD
  5. Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb Surround: A premium reverb that offers immersive surround sound and a comprehensive set of features for creating complex and nuanced ambiences. DOWNLOAD

Tips for Using Reverb in Ambient Music

  • Create Depth: Use reverb to create a sense of space and depth within your ambient compositions. Longer reverb tails can help establish a sense of immersion.
  • Enhance Atmosphere: Reverb can add atmosphere and emotion to your music. Experiment with different decay times and reverb types to find the perfect fit for the desired mood.
  • Experiment with Presets: Many VST reverbs come with a variety of presets. Explore these presets to get a feel for the different possibilities and find inspiration for your own creations.
  • Use Subtlety: In ambient music, it’s often better to use reverb sparingly. Avoid overdoing it, as too much reverb can muddy the mix and obscure the other elements.
  • Listen Closely: Always listen critically to your reverb settings and make adjustments as needed. Pay attention to the balance between the dry and wet signals, as well as the decay time and frequency response.


By incorporating these top-notch VST reverbs into your ambient music productions, you can unlock a world of sonic possibilities. From lush, natural reverbs to innovative and immersive effects, these plugins provide the tools to create ethereal and atmospheric soundscapes that will captivate your listeners. Experiment with different reverbs and techniques to find your own unique voice in the realm of ambient music.

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